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Заказать профессиональные селекционные семена производства Германии и Италии.

Agata F1

селекционные семена баклажана Agata F1


страна: Италия
класс семян: профессиональные
цена: 3200руб.


  • Hybrid early cycle eggplant, perfectly performing in greenhouse but can be cultivated in open field as well.
  • Well covering leaves.
  • The fruit is round-oval shaped, brilliant-black colored, length 16 cm diameter 13 cm, about 550 gr. weight, very few seeds each fruit making possible pretty long storage. Tolerant to oxidation.
  • Perfectly suitable for fresh market and processing.
  • Planting ratio: cm 75-90 along the row, 120-140 cm between the rows (greenhouse).
  • Planting ratio: cm 65-75 along the row, 120-140 cm between the rows (open field).

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